About our new club

The man to the right: But next year I want to be the judge!

Hello english Gloster-breeders,

We now have succeeded in Denmark to gather 22 breeders in a specialist-club for Gloster-canaries. Our aim is to make a specialist show once a year and to give people information about our hobby through this website.

Our first specialist show was held in Odense in the middle of Denmark saturday the 7.th of december. The judge was the wellknown IGBA-judge René Alssema from Holland.

The show was a great succes with 184 birds from 17 breeders. In the year 2014 we´ll repeat the show in Odense: saturday the 6. of december 2014!

The judge december-2014 was DAVE RANDS from Brough, England, in the neighborhood of Hull.

Dave is called one of the best judges to the new specialist-judging stile. Our former judge, René Alssema said: Dave is a good friend and a fantastic clever and routined Gloster-judge! And Niels Christian Madsen, our member in North-Denmark, said: I have seen him judge twice in The Netherlands, he is obviousley a very clever and shrewd person, quick and secure in his judgements! - And that was what we experienced at the 2014-show.

Next show is 5.´th of december 2015 with 2 german judges - at the moment we are trying to find them! We expect 250-300 Glosters.


Kind regards - Birger H. Olsen, chairman, mail: bho-dk@mail.tele.dk






The English IGBA-judge Dave Rands